Wednesday Jan.17

Time to plan the next few weeks:

Novel studies should be underway. Aim to have 1/4 of your book read by Monday, and half the book done a week from this Friday. That will put you in good stead to have the book finished in time to get final tasks in by the DEADline.

More patterning tomorrow!

We continue with mechanical advantage tomorrow. Please get today’s quiz signed.

ANd please, please….. be good for my supply tomorrow am. I’ll see you in the afternoon. 😉

Jan 9

Letters re: overdue work coming home to be signed. Return ASAP if it’s done and just needs to be handed in, feel free to submit it online via classroom or classcraft. If it’s not done, we’re almost out of time.

Tuesday DEC 19

Tomorrow will be a BIG day!

– kids caught up in art get to start paining in the morning

– science product designs are due (complete!)

-We will finish Objects In space and start the questions

– outbreak 9 hits!!!!!! Aaaaack!

– dance/drama day AND watching the volleyball game

– last day for hockey trip forms and $2.15 to come in

– grade 8 walk-to-Oakridge permission forms due ASAP!

See you tomorrow 😉


  1. hockey field trip forms due asap!
  2. grade 8s to Oakridge pizza orders due ASAP
  3. Ted Talk outlines due by tonight!
  4. Finish math from 4.1 – remember to use the field of zeroes
  5. Firefly Questions for Trash due Friday –
  6. Science Design Projects – should be done Design Factors, Manufacturing Factors, and Sales factors by end of Wednesday.  Back and Ad campaign Should be complete in total by Dec. 20.
  7. Shovel the neighbor’s drive without being asked 🙂 Then do yours :):):)

Tuesday Dec 5, 2017

  1. get both science assessments signed — by an actual parent please
  2. be ready to move on to another zombie virus outbreak tomorrow (so be caught up please)
  3. Many students have NOT submitted their work THROUGH GOOGLE CLASSROOM  — if Google Classroom shows your work as “Missing’ – please hand it in 🙂



1. Pick an animal to ‘hang’ concepts on for the next few weeks in science

2. Make sure ZG outbreak 1 is complete.

3. I’m open early – focussing on math support tomorrow for anyone struggling with the metric system 🙂